Colours, finishes and custom colours

Our finishes are exceptional. All of our hardware starts life as solid brass which is then hand dipped for a deep luster. Each of the seven finishes is applied by hand and individually polished. We never use spray finishes, as they don’t provide the depth and life of a dipped finish and we don't take shortcuts.

While we love living brass finishes that patina and age over time, we also offer a lacquer coating upon request. Lacquering is an additional process and so it does incur a small premium and is made to order, so it sometimes has a lead time. Popular kitchen items are offered in dark and antique lacquer as well.

Bright and semi-bright brass finishes are created by hand-buffing each piece by the order. Our bright brass finish is spectacular and polished to a jewelry-like shine. Each piece gleams. Or you may prefer semi-bright brass finish, with its smooth satin appearance.

We feeI that no one can compete with us on brass finishing. Our professional woodworking customers tell us it’s true. If you have any questions about our brass finishes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Custom finishes
Do you want your finish a little lighter, darker, more shine, less shine? Professional lacquering? How about a custom nickel, copper or even silver or gold plating on brass hardware? We can oblige, just put your request in the comments during your checkout. We can also re-color your brass hardware to our finishes, or send a sample and we’ll do our best to match it. Because we do all our own finishing, we can control the finishing process. We’re fast too—we usually ship custom colored orders within 2 weeks. You won't find that service anywhere else.