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Brass Pot - Various sizes


These brass planters dress up any plant in any room. They look spectacular as a feature pot on a bench or table or as a collection of pots in various sizes.  We have used them with orchids, ferns and succulents and they work with everything. Every time. One is never enough.

They are available in 9 sizes (diameter of opening). The smaller sizes work best with water wise plants, in groups or alone on side tables or trays and look particularly good under glass cloches. The middle sizes (120mm and 170mm) look great in small spaces like powder rooms and on bedside tables. While the 240-270mm look spectacular on a dining table or a kitchen bench. The extra large sizes (300-400mm) look spectacular in larger spaces, such as an entrance hall or grouped together on the floor. There's a perfect size for every space.

  • 65mm
  • 95mm
  • 120mm
  • 170mm - Limited quantity
  • 190mm - Sorry, SOLD OUT Due Mid October 2019
  • 240mm
  • 270mm
  • 300mm
  • 400mm

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